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How To: Convert a franchise into a stable roster

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to convert franchises into working rosters in Madden NFL 08.

  • 1. Export the franchise to CSV using NZA's Editor version 1.3.
  • 2. Open in Excel.
  • 3. Select the AH column. Then, click sort & filter, and click sort from smallest to largest. When it asks if you want to expand the selection or continue with current selection, select expand the selection.
  • 4. Select the second cell in column AH and change the value from 0 to 1.
  • 5. Select the second cell and right click. Then click copy.
  • 6. Select the cell immediately under the copied cell and drag to the last 0 you see. Then right click and click paste.
  • 7. Do the same for every cell up to AH value 31. They should go from 0-31 to 1-32.
    • Note: You may need to swap teams for the Titans and Texans. If that is the case, change all 32s to 30s and vice versa.
  • 8. Delete all Pro Bowl players (team IDs 1010 and 1011) and retired players (team ID 1014.)
  • 9. Sort column V from A to Z, just as you did before for column AH in step 3.
  • 10. Do the same as step 9, but for column W.
  • 11. Select the second cell in column AG and change the value to 1, then select it again, and shift select the last cell. All cells in column AG except the first should be selected.
  • 12. Click fill, then click series. Make sure the step value is 1, then click okay.
  • 13. Repeat steps 11 and 12, but for column AI.
  • 14. Change the value in cell two of column A to 0. Then copy that cell.
  • 15. Select the second cell in column A and shift select over to column F's second cell. Then shift select to the column F cell of the last player, right click, and click paste. All values from columns A through F should all be 0.
  • 16. Select the second cell in column H and shift select to the second cell of column P. Next, shift select to the last P column cell of the last player and click paste. All values from columns H through P should all be 0.
  • 17. Select the second cell in column X, then shift select the last cell in column X and paste. All column X values should be 0.
  • 18. Save and exit.
  • 19. Load Madden and load a roster that can be used to convert franchises to rosters.
  • 20. Create a team in the roster. Save and quit Madden.
  • 21. Open NZA's editor version 1.3 and load the roster.
  • 22. Go to misc/injury, and look for the "Release (Beta)" area on the right. Release every player from team IDs 0-32, 104-106, 241, 1008, and 1014 to free agency.
  • 23. In the same area, just above the release area, there is a team swap area. Enter team IDs 1009 and 0 and click apply.
  • 24. Click attributes, find the import/export CSV area, and import your CSV you modified in Excel earlier. Import the CSV into the roster.
  • 25. Check each team to make sure there are no duplicate players. If there are, delete the duplicates. Save and close the editor.
  • 26. Load the roster in-game and delete the created team. Save and quit.
  • 27. Load NZA's editor 1.3 and load the roster. Click the injury tab and click the "Delete All Injuries" button. Go back to the attributes tab, select any team, and save the roster.
  • 28. Load Madden and auto-reorder all team depth charts.
  • 29. Test by playing a play now game. Any two teams should work.

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