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Xanathol's Madden Roster Editor (MRE) is another file editor created for Madden NFL 08 for the PC. The MRE allows the user to edit roster (.ros), franchise (.fra) and Madden draft class (.mdc) files. When designing the MRE, Xanathol focused on editing player's ratings and a draft for multiple user controlled teams. This editor does not have the abilities to edit coaches, teams, or player appearance. Despite these perceived shortcomings, there are many options available in MRE that are not available in any of the other editors. Some of these options include creating a new player, mass player movement, player deletion, adjusting player speed based on 40-times, checking for duplicates, many sorting filters, links to team rosters, and for player information, checking a teams roster for position requirements, various draftable player views, and more. Unlike NZA's Editor, the MRE allows multiple players to be edited prior to saving.

A link to Xanathol's Madden Roster Editor can be found on the Files page.

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